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🔥 Rapid-Fire Brand Boost

Eva Couto Design
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Got a burning brand problem that needs to be solved… well, yesterday? This one’s for you. In this 1:1 session together, you’ll get my undivided attention on the branding/strategy problem of your choice. Need an audit of your existing materials? You got it. Want to pick my brain and figure out how to use what you’ve got? Can do. Want to show me photos of your dog? Weird flex, but sure.

  • Get clear on your why, how to embody it & find out what's missing in your brand;
  • Understand how to stand out from a saturated online market by being yourself;
  • Move the needle forwards in your brand journey with intentional steps, tailored advice & actionable tips;
  • Have a new outlook & perspective on your business to make decisions with confidence and direction on your road to growth!

Here's what's included:

Brand Discovery Form
Overview of your current strategy & positioning, roadblocks, and review of online presence across website & social accounts;

Brand Strategy Session
1-hour Google Meet call with an overview of your brand in line with my signature 1:1 framework — covering Foundations + Audience + Positioning + Identity + Presence;

+1 week of support & accountability!

What happens next?

After purchase, you'll be redirected to fill out the first step of your audit, the Brand Discovery Form. Inside the form, you'll find some questions to get you thinking brand-first that will allow me to get to know the basics of your business so I can conduct my research to make the most of our session together 🔥

Once you submit your Brand Discovery Form, you'll be prompted to book your Brand Strategy Session through Calendly.

FAQs & Disclaimers

  • What areas of my business will be audited?
    The audit is based on the 5 phases I take all my custom branding clients through:
    — Foundations (brand mission, values, business goals);
    — Audience (target audience, ideal client, customer journey);
    — Positioning (personality, tone of voice, market research);
    — Identity (logo, colours and other visual elements);
    — Presence (social media, website, and how they’re cohesive).
  • Is this right for me if I don't yet have a business?
    I recommend this service for business owners who feel stuck somewhere along their brand journey. But if your business is still just an idea and you have nothing to show, this is not for you.
  • What's your availability for this service?
    I only book 1 session per week and open slots one quarter at a time, so you might find a limited number of purchases available. After purchase, you'll be automatically redirected to your first step.
  • What if I need extra support time?
    After our time together, you might have some questions as you take action. Good thing you get a week of ongoing support and accountability!
  • I have a question about this service that I can't find the answer to...
    Email me at hello@evacoutodesign.com and we'll get it all sorted!
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Hire Eva Couto, a Brand Designer & Strategist, to solve your brand problems and move the needle forward in your business in a way that works for you.

Questionnaire & 1:1 Session
Session Time
1 hour

🔥 Rapid-Fire Brand Boost

0 ratings
I want this!